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Background@4xSoil exposed to repeated wetting and drying in tropical regions are prone to develop hydrophobic coatings on the soil particles that result in water repellence. This condition limits the rate and capacity of water absorption leading to poor water infiltration and retention in soil.

Our product – RetenSol™ is a 2-in-1 formulation that acts as a mini smart ‘water bank’, drastically reducing the chances of plant dehydration as well as reducing water wastage through run-offs and drainage.

  • RetenSol™ contains highly water absorbent, non-toxic nanosize gel particles that swell remarkably to retain water molecules under wet conditions.
  • During dry conditions, the water is returned to the ground under passive controlled release and activated through osmosis and the slight change in pH level in soil.
  • This cycle is repeatable over months with rainfall or intentional watering.
  • Contains soil conditioners to promote plant growth.

RetenSol™ increased plant survival and biomass under drought environment, thus displaying the ability to reduce watering frequency by half to save water, manpower and ancillary costs while increasing planting options. By modulating the effects of unpredictable rainfall and higher temperatures, it mitigates the negative outcomes of Climate Change. It is suitable for both fresh planting and mature plants with no requirements for soil churn. It does not cause localised ponding, algae growth or root rot.



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