Problems to be addressed

Changes in global climate in the past decade have aggravated the challenges faced by the agricultural sector, adding an acute risk of food security.  Whether in horticulture or golf, gardeners have to work harder to keep their landscapes green, while forest fires are occurring with increased frequency and destruction.



Heavy dependence on water intensive farming methods renders the farming industry vulnerable to extended periods of drought and water shortages.


Climate change and human activities were responsible for the increase in desertification, leading to 34.6% of China’s area being prone to desertification


Human factors such as overgrazing and deforestation, and a relatively shallow and erodible soil found in much of Mongolia make ~90% of the land vulnerable to desertification


Poor natural soil conditions in the world’s driest continent results in massive amounts of water required for farming in a country where only 6 per cent of the land is arable without irrigation


Sweden and other Scandinavian countries experienced unprecedented forest fires resulting in human casualties.

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