FytoSol’s nanogels have the concurrent properties of increasing water permeation in the ground and storing a large amount of water relative to the size of its particles.

  • Water permeation is particularly important in ground that is hardened by drought, heat or fire.
  • With increased water permeation, water run-offs are reduced resulting in water savings.
  • Reduced water run-offs after forest fires will reduce downstream flooding when seasonal rains resume.
  • Water release from the nanogel is only triggered when soil moisture content changes, thus plants get water from the nanogel only when the ground has started to become dry and not before.
  • The extremely small size of the nanogels and their water solubility allow them to be well dispersed and penetrate into the ground rather than stay on the surface.
  • By making water availabile at lower depths, deeper plant rooting is encouraged, increasing the plants’ resilience towards drought.
  • Studies indicate that watering frequency can be reduced by up to half with our nanogels formulations resulting in savings in water, labour, energy and other ancillary costs.
  • Surface flora damaged by drought, heat or fire may also regenerate more quickly before drought conditions end when their roots can tap on water from our nanogels.

Potential applications of our formulations are in agriculture, golf courses, landscaping, rooftop/vertical gardens, indoor plants, soil remediation, forest regeneration and anti-esertification efforts. It is particularly beneficial for semi-arid areas and regions that experience seasonal drought.

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