We have a vision to be a valued innovator and producer of safe chemicals that protect and enhance plant growth through increasing water availability and plant transport of specialty chemicals so as to maintain environmental sustainability and mitigate the effects of climate change.

About Us


FytoSol Pte Ltd (“FytoSol“) was formed as a spin-off from the School of Material Science and Engineering of the Nayang Technological University in Singapore

FytoSol is an agri-tech company with a suite of  proprietary products that primarily uses penetration chemicals and the formulation of super-absorbent nanogel to improve soil wettability and water retention property. These simple functions are fundamental to the ability of water to penetrate the ground effectively and for extending water availability to plants when soil moisture is low.

The company was borne out of a realisation that the formulations have immense potential for applications in horticulture, agriculture, golf courses and in forest regeneration.  Under conditions of global warming, our formulations can play an increasing role to alleviate the challenges of anyone who has to coax plant growth from reluctant dry soils.

By introducing advanced innovative bio-chemicals that are environmentally-sustainable and non-toxic, FytoSol aims to address global challenges posed by feeding increasing populations, accelerated degradation of green cover and aridity intensified by climate change.  Also, with alleviated temperatures, forest fires have increased around the world. Our formulations can reduce the severity of follow-on flash floods and also quicken the pace of forest regeneration.

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